From all this the cloud is formed
How the data arrange themselves
Body of an Ostrich
Reliable Knowledge
Monuments to the Immaterial: The Cloud
That Mineral Waste
As Colours Pour From Tar
Geological Amnesia
Future Archaeologies
So Semi Precious
Yellow Afternoon
Pale Horizon
Those lights we call stars
Nothing, Having Arrived, Will Stay
Something Has Been Decided
Maximum Elegance At Minimum Cost
Beach Fatigue
The Glittering of The Sun
Sunswept Flamingos Must Sleep
Motel Architecture
Waiting For The Perfect View
Borrowed Nostalgia
Such Diamonds (detail)
The Horizon of Expectation
See the sun the other way round
Swim to the other side of the pool
It’s hard to get lost when you don’t know where you’re going
Surplus to requirements